Video: Discussions and Conversations from the Workshop in Athens

Conference Recap

Get a brief glimpse of the dynamic discussions and conversations that took place at “Talking and Listening Across Divides.”

Talking and Listening Across Divides with Hahrie Han

Inaugural director, Hahrie Han, provides an overview of SNF Agora Institution’s vision.

Discussion: Lessons from Reconciliation in South Africa

Hahrie Han moderates a discussion between Roelf Meyer, Tim Phillips, and Ebrahim Rasool in which they explore the experiences of adversaries who are now working together.

In Conversation: Building Coalitions and Consensus on Contentious Issues

JHU historian Martha Jones and Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, discuss methods of coalition and consensus building among groups with competing agendas.

Discussion: Perspectives on Refugee Integration

Description: Moderated by CBS Co-Host Michelle Miller, this discussion offers different perspectives from experts and practitioners on refugees and integration.