Keidai Lee

2020-2021 Student Engagement Board

Keidai (hint: “hey, hi! It’s Keidai” rhymes) is a JHU junior studying Philosophy and Computer Science. He transferred to JHU after studying at Monroe Community college in Rochester, New York, and he prides on his ability to survive winters that last for 6 months. Keidai joined the Student Engagement Board because he believes that integrating people of diverse backgrounds and personalities are crucial to innovation, societal progress, and well-being. He loves finding creative methods to engage people of varying racial groups, socioeconomic classes, political affinities, and cultures. Keidai also serves as the co-chair for Civic Engagement in the JHU Student Government Association, interns at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures as a technical analysis fellow, is a GrandParent in Thread, occasionally writes for the JHU News-Letter, and founded the video series “The Color of My Voice” to utilize hand choreography in telling stories about racial discrimination and resilience. When he has a moment, Keidai loves to play board games, read, bike, play dodgeball, play his keyboard, and catch up with his friends over dinner.