Leonardo Olivera Perez

Student Engagement Board Member

I was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, where I lived for 15 years until I moved to Miami, Florida in 2013. I am pursuing a career in medicine after my undergraduate studies. As a freshman, I attended Florida International University in Miami. I transferred to Johns Hopkins University as a sophomore where I am majoring in Chemistry. There I work for the Office of the Dean of Student Life and I am part of the Thoi Research Group where I work on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide, a project that aims to alleviate the effects of this greenhouse gas on our planet. I was awarded the Dean’s ASPIRE Grant, a grant to continue my research there. Completed a semester abroad at University of St Andrews in Scotland where I was able to work with the Russell E. Morris Research Group on the synthesis of a novel Metal Organic Framework (MOF). I will be graduating from Hopkins at the end of this academic year.