Nichi Pandey

2021-2022 Student Engagement Board

Nichi Pandey is a sophomore in The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins and a 2019 graduate of the Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland. He views writing as a way to interact with the world around him – whether writing an essay for school or a poem to perform, he recognizes that words have the power to move the world. The written word, whether bright or mundane, serves as a message for not only the present, but also the future to read. People today learn of societies past through their words and the hopes and dreams that they encapsulated. Societies ahead will learn of modern communities through the words humanity writes today. As an all-around creative, when he puts down the pen, he picks up the knife – Nichi is also a cook who uses the freshest ingredients available to express himself through another artistic medium, food. Using the force and spirit of words coupled with the memories and emotions invoked through food, Nichi dreams to inspire people with his art, empowering them to use their voice and their creative energies to tell their story, the only true item that they own. He believes that the platform given by the SNF Agora Student Engagement Board will allow him to further embolden individuals to enact positive social change in the communities that mean the most to them. Over time, when people develop empathy for others’ stories, those from all walks of life can learn to choose harmony over dissonance to propel and preserve “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” a proper democracy.