Approved Electives for the Minor in Civic Life

Course Number

Class Title

AS.004.101(33) Reintroduction to Writing: The Cost of Free Speech?
AS.004.241 (02) Politics and Persuasion
AS.070.402 Environmental Justice Workshop
AS.100.433 Free Speech and Censorship in the United States
AS.110.303 (88) The Mathematics of Politics, Democracy, and Social Choice
AS.150.220 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
AS.150.313 Technology, Democracy, and Social Justice
AS.100.450 History Research Lab: Discovering Hard Histories at Hopkins
AS.100.190 Modern African American History, 1896 – present
AS.100.411 AI and Data Methods in History
AS.190.101 Introduction to American Politics
AS.190.102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
AS.190.108 Contemporary International Politics
AS.190.254 Democratic Political Theory
AS.190.322 Future of American Democracy
AS.190.333 American Constitutional Law
AS.190.366 Free Speech and the Law in Comparative Perspective
AS.190.414 Frontiers of Empirical Political Science
AS.190.437 Race and Ethnic Politics in the United States
AS.190.319 Policy and Politics Design
AS.190.353 China and the World
AS.190.374 Political Violence
AS.190.375 Thinking Organizationally about Politics
AS.190.393 Nonviolent Resistance in World Politics
AS.190.473 Political Polarization
AS.191.333 Dictatorship, Dissidence, and Democracy: Central Europe in the 20th Century
AS.192.290 Informational World Orders
AS.196.301 Social Entrepreneurship and Democratic Erosion
AS.196.302 Science and Democracy
AS.196.304 Democratic Challenges
AS.196.305 Democratic Erosion
AS.196.306 Democracy by the Numbers
AS.196.310 Fighting the Information War: Democracy, Autocracy, and the Battle of Narratives in the 20th and 21st Centuries
AS.196.311 Democracy
AS.196.363 Populism and Politics
AS.196.364 This is Not Propaganda
AS.197.101 Social Theories of the Economy
AS.197.210 Global Capitalism
AS.197.327 People, Power, and Pay: The Economics of the Workplace
AS.230.250 Knowledge, Evidence, and Democracy
AS.230.365 Public Opinion and Democracy
AS.280.314 Truth, Evidence, and Influence: Case Studies in Public Health
AS.280.390 Power, Positionality, and Social Change: Theories and Methods of Community Partnerships
AS.280.399 Community Based Learning – Practicum Community Health Care
AS.360.461 Hopkins Semester DC Applied Practitioner Seminar
AS.362.318 Liberation in the African Diaspora
EN.553.335 Mathematics for a Better World