For Students

There are a variety of ways for students to get involved with the SNF Agora Institute

Student Engagement Board

The Student Engagement Board comprises undergraduate and graduate students from across the university who share our mission of strengthening democracy through civic engagement and inclusive dialogue. The board works with SNF Agora faculty, staff, and leadership both to raise awareness about and participate in the development of our mission and presence on campus and in the broader community. Additionally, in an ongoing capacity, board members:

Click here for more information about the Student Engagement Board, or click here to meet this year’s board members.

Research Assistants Program

Are you interested in assisting SNF Agora faculty and fellows with research on questions of democracy?

SNF Agora Institute faculty, fellows, and affiliates periodically seek the support of student research assistants for a variety of academic projects.

These opportunities are designed to: 

  • advance critical areas of inquiry related to SNF Agora’s mission; 
  • deepen the training and scholarship of students at Johns Hopkins University; and 
  • broaden the ways students can participate in the scholarly community at the SNF Agora Institute. 

To learn more about the program and the application process, please click here. 

SNF Agora Student Essay Competition: Vox Populi

SNF Agora Institute announces its first student essay competition “Vox Populi.”

The Student Engagement Board of the SNF Agora Institute invites all JHU undergraduate students to participate in the first SNF Agora Essay Competition. This competition seeks to gather student perspectives on the following question:

 What do citizens want in a democracy,  and what reform(s) can best ensure their wants are met?

For more information about the essay competition, click here.


SNF Agora Student Grant Program

The SNF Agora Institute awards grants to Johns Hopkins University students whose work is complementary to the institute’s mission of strengthening global democracy through civic engagement and inclusive dialogue.

SNF Agora will accept applications for the grant program twice a year, once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.

To learn more about the program and application process, please click here.

Call for Applications: Graduate Student Fellowship Program 2021–2022

We are now accepting applications for our 2021–2022 Graduate Student Fellowship program. Our fellowship program is designed to deepen the training and scholarship of PhD students at Johns Hopkins University and to broaden the scholarly community at the SNF Agora Institute by supporting students to join us for one year.

Click here for more information about the program.

Helpful Resources

Johns Hopkins University students are encouraged to engage with the SNF Agora Institute in other capacities, including:

  • Courses: Enroll in our courses.
  • Events: Attend SNF Agora’s many events, which include conferences, trainings, workshops, panel discussions, and live webcasts.
  • SNF Agora Experts: Meet the experts at SNF Agora and learn more about the work of our faculty and fellows.
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