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There are a variety of ways for students to get involved with the SNF Agora Institute

JHU Students: Apply to be a Research Assistant!

SNF Agora Institute Fellow Scott Warren is seeking an undergraduate Research Assistant to help him build out a global network focused on youth activism. Following a successful virtual conference this fall, which included young people from across the world, this position will help to further and maintain this global virtual community. The network will be focused on:

  • Connecting ​with each other, forming solidarity and learning best practices, including through social media, WhatsApp, and a formal mentorship program;
  • Developing ​new skills through technical trainings and workshops, focused on skills like fundraising, social media tactics, and non-violence;
  • Learning and promoting best practices ​through the aggregation of scholarly research and case studies on effective youth activism across borders.

Specific tasks for the position, which will involve working closely with Warren and another undergraduate RA, include:

  • Helping to maintain the network, including frequent communication with activists;
  • Conducting research on other activists to join the network;
  • Helping to plan capacity building workshops and implementing a mentorship program;
  • Helping to launch a scholars network focused on youth activism.

Applicants should email their resume, cover letter, and a faculty letter of recommendation to Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, December 31, 2020.


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SNF Agora Institute Student Engagement Board

The Student Engagement Board is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from across the university who share our mission of strengthening democracy through civic engagement and inclusive dialogue.

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The SNF Agora Institute welcomes the opportunity to partner with Johns Hopkins University students and student-run organizations who share its mission of strengthening civic engagement and inclusive dialogue. Opportunities for collaboration include:

  • Inviting scholars and experts to campus
  • Designing courses and academic opportunities
  • Co-hosting conferences and events
  • Use of SNF Agora’s space for related student activities

Students who are interested partnering with SNF Agora should direct all inquiries to Catherine Miller.