Graduate Student Fellows Program

The SNF Agora Institute

The SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, founded in 2017, is a multi-disciplinary academic and public forum dedicated to strengthening global democracy by improving and expanding civic engagement and inclusive dialogue, and by supporting inquiry that leads to real-world change. By building integrated partnerships with scholars, practitioners, students, and the public, we use research to identify and sharpen strategic choices that members of the public and civic and political stakeholders around the world can make to realize the promise of democracy.

For more information about the institute, please read SNF Agora’s strategic plan here.

Background on the Graduate Student Fellows Program

The SNF Agora Institute has funding to support a modest number of competitive graduate student fellowships each year. These fellowships are designed to:

  • deepen the training and scholarship of PhD students at Johns Hopkins University,
  • broaden the scholarly community at the SNF Agora Institute by supporting students to join us for one year.

The SNF Agora Institute would cover the student’s tuition costs normally covered by the department, the standard KSAS stipend, and health insurance, fees, and other benefits for students during the year that they are a fellow.

Our hope is that during their fellowship year, students would participate actively in the scholarly life of the SNF Agora Institute, working in partnership with SNF Agora Institute faculty during that year. We expect that participation in the life of the SNF Agora Institute would be comparable in time to a 20-hours-a-week TA-ship (or whatever the norm of TA-ships are for the student’s department).

Eligibility and Selection

All enrolled PhD students at Johns Hopkins University are eligible, but priority will be given to students who are part of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

The SNF Agora Institute faculty will develop a call for applications each year, identifying particular areas of interest we are seeking to support. A committee of the SNF Agora Institute faculty will review all the applications and select the cohort. Students will be selected based on academic merit, and interests and skills consistent with the mission of the SNF Agora Institute.

Students who are identified as finalists will be required to obtain a statement of support from both their adviser and the director of graduate studies (DGS) in their department. These statements can be one-sentence emails but must indicate that the adviser and the department agree that the fellowship will not unduly impede the student’s progress to degree or the department’s need for TA’s.

For the time being, the Dean’s Office has stipulated that students are only eligible to receive the fellowship once during their time at JHU.


Ready to apply? Use this link to submit your application for the SNF Agora Student Fellows program. Applicants will be required to submit a short statement, CV, transcript, and (if they advance) approval from the DGS and adviser. 

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