SNF Agora Scholarship

Our objective is to translate the best insights from academic scholarship into actionable knowledge in the real world through Discovery and Design.

Discovery and Design Projects

Discovery is the academic work of our core scholars. Design projects are collaborations with practitioners to translate academic research into usable knowledge for the world.


Publishing is at the core of academic work, and SNF Agora scholars publish books, articles in peer reviewed journals, case studies, and more.

SNF Agora Case Studies

Practitioners, teachers, trainers, and organizations can use SNF Agora case studies to deepen their skills, to develop insights about how to approach strategic choices and dilemmas, and to get to know each other better and work more effectively.

Our Faculty and Fellows

Coming from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, our faculty and fellows are at the core of our efforts to understand democratic decline and resilience, and to identify actionable, evidence-based solutions to the challenges we face. Their process of collaborative academic discovery is the underpinning that enables us to examine these issues broadly and in context, and to engage in truly transformative inquiry. Our faculty offer expert insight into the issues of the day while providing exciting educational opportunities for Johns Hopkins students and community members. They are active participants in our campus events, as well as strong voices on the national and international stage.

Learn more about SNF Agora faculty and fellows.