Community Workshop – Nov 2023

“Disinformation and a Divided Congress”
with Rebecca Brocato, SNF Agora Visiting Fellow

Addressing the deleterious influence of disinformation within our political system is a necessary part of deeply examining our democracy. This session will dive into why tech has not yet been regulated by Congress. Republicans and Democrats both say they want to act against disinformation; however, they approach the issue from different – and at times divergent – points of view, thus making negotiating bills impossible. The conversation will also unpack what needs to change in order to get something done on the Hill and ask whether positive change is possible without congressional action.

Rebecca Brocato, former Special Assistant to Presidents Biden and Obama, will be joined in this conversation by Graham Brookie, the Head of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Where: SNF Agora Conference Room, Homewood Campus, Wyman N325F or Zoom

This event is open only to the SNF Agora Community.