Community Workshop – September 2023

“What’s Old, Make New? Can we reimagine the museum space and local opinion section to promote civic engagement and healthier discourse?”
with Philippa Pham Hughes, SNF Agora Visiting Fellow, and Kevin Loker, SNF Agora Visiting Fellow

SNF Agora Visiting Fellows are tackling a wide range of projects in 2023-2024. In this session, on September 12, we’ll hear from two visiting fellows—both of whom are trying to bring new life and new people into long-standing local structures: a museum and a local newspaper’s opinion section.

Both Philippa Pham Hughes and Kevin Loker would agree that the structure of these spaces has not changed much since they were instituted, which has resulted in a loss of relevance and sustainability. If we want to attract new voices and diverse perspectives, then we need to change these spaces and adapt to the ways in which we communicate and relate to each other today. What could that look like?

Each visiting fellow will share what they are working on and who they are trying to bring more directly into their work, including in their projects this year. Come share your perspectives on the challenges they share to inform their work on “reimagining local agoras” — and our collective thoughts on what’s possible as the SNF Agora Institute community.

Where: All community workshops will take place in the SNF Agora Conference Room, 3100 Wyman Park Drive, Suite N325, Homewood Campus or can be accessed on Zoom.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 964 4913 8960

This event is open only to the SNF Agora Community.