Community Workshop – April 2024

“How Data-Driven Concerts Statistically Increase Voter Turnout”
with Emily White, SNF Agora Visiting Fellow and Eliza O’Reilly, Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University

Elections at all levels are often decided by the size of a concert venue. Historically, what determines if someone votes is if their community votes. Young people in the U.S. are more likely to attend live music events (63% of millennials) than vote (35.6% for 18-29 yr-olds). Entrepreneur Emily White has spent her career building and engaging artists’ fan communities in the music industry. In this Community Workshop, she’ll demonstrate how to increase voter turnout with the power of data-driven culture specific to geographic location. She’ll also show how academic and civic leaders at her non-profit, #iVoted Concerts, are taking an innovative approach to measuring impact. Finally, Emily will touch on the systemic barriers that hinder innovation within the nonprofit, civic, and philanthropic spaces.

Where: All community workshops will take place in the SNF Agora Conference Room, 3100 Wyman Park Drive, Suite N325, Homewood Campus or can be accessed on Zoom.

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This event is open only to the SNF Agora Community.