End of Life: A Dramatic Reading of Scenes from Sophocles’ Women of Trachis and Philoctetes

Chevy Chase Auditorium, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheik Zayed Tower

End of Life is an innovative project that presents readings of ancient Greek plays as a catalyst for discussions about death, illness, and palliative care and the challenges faced by patients, families, and medical professionals today. This unique, participatory event is intended to promote powerful, open discussion among diverse communities – public and professional – fostering compassion, cooperation, and understanding about living with chronic suffering and the mortality we all share.

Translated, directed and, facilitated by Bryan Doerries.

Featuring the actors Sonja Sohn, Zach Grenier, David Strathairn, and Marjolaine Goldsmith.

Please visit www.theaterofwar.com and www.facebook.com/theaterofwar for more information.

Cosponsored by SNF Agora Institute.