Passion to Action: Three Approaches to Tackling Climate Change

Three Approaches to Tackling Climate Change—and Other Real-World Issues

Please join 21st Century Cities, Centers for Civic Impact, and the SNF Agora Institute as we discuss our varying approaches to tackling urgent public policy challenges.

The evening’s discussion will focus on climate change, which is a complex policy issue that must be addressed using multiple approaches, including scientific big data analysis, identification of unintended consequences, measuring economic impact, and political organization. We will share how each of our organizations approaches climate change, as well as other issues, to craft data informed policy recommendations.

Speakers include:

• Beth Blauer, Executive Director, Centers for Civic Impact

• Hahrie Han, Director, the SNF Agora Institute

• Matthew E. Kahn, Director, 21st Century Cities Initiative

Learn how to translate your passion into real policy change—and how you can get involved with us through classes, events, advisory boards, and research opportunities.

Plus, there’s pizza!

The event is for Johns Hopkins University students. It is free, but registration is required. Please visit our registration page.