Women Leading the Fight for Civil Rights

Part of Virtual Conference Series Remember, Reflect, Recommit: Celebrating Women's Suffrage

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Women regularly outpace men in voter registration and election turnout, giving them an edge at the polls and a loud voice in electoral politics. But even before they had the right to vote, women—including women of color—played a vital role in shaping our democracy. And they continue to do so today, using other forms of civic engagement to effect large-scale social change-from suffragists and civil rights activists fighting for equal rights, to women journalists exposing abuse and corruption. This conversation will explore the many ways that women past and present have used their voices-through writing, agitating, and organizing-to profoundly influence our democracy.


  • Hahrie Han

    Inaugural Director, SNF Agora Institute & Professor, Department of Political Science, KSAS Han specializes in the study of organizing, movements, civic engagement, and democracy. Her newest book, Prisms of the People: Power and Organizing in 21st Century America, will be published in summer 2021.
  • Martha S. Jones

    Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor, Professor of History, and a Professor at SNF Agora Institute Jones is a legal and cultural historian whose work examines how black Americans have shaped the story of American democracy. Her most recent book, Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All, was published in September.