SNF Agora Student Internships

SNF Agora offers select JHU undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to intern with SNF Agora Visiting Fellows. This is an exciting chance to support the democracy-promoting work of some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners from civil society, government, industry, academia, and media.  

SNF Agora student interns support visiting fellows during their time at Johns Hopkins University by helping them navigate university life, introducing them to the student community, and providing other support as needed. In exchange, student interns have the opportunity for mentoring opportunities as they develop one-on-one relationships with visiting fellows. Visiting fellows rely on student interns to help them with a variety of tasks—from assisting with research projects, to promoting and staffing events and programs, to supporting a fellow’s course instruction; a list of responsibilities is below. While the time commitment varies depending on which particular visiting fellow is supported, students are generally expected to commit to an average of three to six hours per week while the vVisiting fellow is in residence.  

SNF Agora Student Internship Opportunities:

  • 1:1 mentoring from the visiting fellow you support 
  • Early access to limited-seating programs offered by the SNF Agora Institute 
  • Exposure to prospective career paths and applicable networks

SNF Agora Student Intern Responsibilities:

  • Assist your visiting fellow mentor in their work such as performing discrete research assignments, compiling data, drafting information, etc.  
  • Publicize and promote your visiting fellow mentor’s events and courses to student groups and the wider community, in person (flyers, etc.), and on social media 
  • Serve as the visiting fellow’s liaison to student groups that partner on events 
  • Assist your visiting fellow mentor with event preparation, including event materials (slides, handouts), and space set-up as needed
  • If matched with a visiting fellow who plans to teach, assist with course preparations and setup at least once per week (preparing slides, operating laptop, classroom seating, etc.) 
  • Staff office hours for your visiting fellow mentor if needed 
  • Help the visiting fellow learn their way around campus and Baltimore in general 
  • Suggest and help schedule off-campus events the fellow might like to attend while in Baltimore 
  • Meet weekly with your visiting fellow mentor to review their calendar, their support needs, and receive mentorship 


Please send your research interests, SNF Agora Visiting Fellow of interest, and weekly time allocation to [email protected].