History of Capitalism Workshop


The workshop will run from 9 am to 6 pm every day (during the middle two weeks of July 2025 – TBD), with a one-day break in the middle.

Each half-day session will be broken into a mixture of lectures and hands-on labs, breaking the participants into small groups to solve problem sets and analyze data.

The goal is to encourage participants to develop the intuition required to undertake quantitative analysis, and know when to ask for additional help from statistical consulting services at their university. The aim is to empower students to learn more even after the workshop ends.

The goal of all the topics is to provide participants with the necessary skills in locating and interpreting data, and then to give the economic literacy to communicate those findings with a broader audience.

“A truly transformative experience! As I am just starting my dissertation research, this workshop will have a tremendous effect on my current and future research. The tools I learned and the resources I gained will be invaluable to my work. We need more workshops like this one.”


  • Finance: analyzing business documents, understanding bank and corporate structures, capital markets
  • Statistics: random variables, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing
  • Econometrics: linear estimation and modeling, confidence intervals, linearizing non-linear data, data analysis with software (JMP), finding historical data sets
  • GIS: finding and using GIS data, spatial arguments with data
  • Microeconomics: supply and demand; margins and averages, elasticity, firms and competition, measuring inequality
  • Macroeconomics: aggregate demand and aggregate supply, comparative advantage, inflation, interest rates, stagflation, growth, trade, taxes, central banking
  • Institutional Economics: corporate law, regulation
  • Archives: locating and gaining access to labor and business archives

“This was the most positive academic experience I have had in a very long time!!! Thank you.”