Party at the Mailbox Research Workshop Kicks Off

On August 12, 2021, the Black Girls Vote Research Network convened scholars and community practitioners involved with the Party at the Mailbox program and evaluation at the SNF Agora Institute.

The participants discussed preliminary results from a large-scale mixed-method evaluation of the 2020 programs, reflected on lessons learned about how the collaboration worked, and developed new programming and research ideas for future iterations of the Party at the Mailbox concept.

The following themes for future research and practice emerged from the gathering:

  • How might local partners be supported in using the Party at the Mailbox tactic to build power? Research analysis across all five 2020 campaigns shows that Party at the Mailbox works best when our local partners are actively using it as a tool to build community power. How do practitioners invite partners to use the program in that way in the future?
  • How might local partners create a “red carpet” voting experience? The Party at the Mailbox research shows that voters really crave ways to make their voting experience meaningful and celebratory. How do community partners create experiences both at home and at polling places that make voters feel special and celebrated?
  • How might local partners inspire parents to make voting a family experience that is memorable for kids? The Party at the Mailbox qualitative research revealed that one of the most effective elements of Party at the Mailbox was the way it engaged kids. In addition to the coloring book in every box, we also observed that many parents immediately gave the box to their kids to enjoy the posters and snacks. How do we design future versions of the box with kids in mind and build partnerships with schools and other institutions that serve parents?