SNF Agora Addresses AI and Elections at 2024 Brussels Forum

In April, SNF Agora was pleased to partner with the German Marshall Fund on its 2024 Brussels Forum, the preeminent annual platform for global leaders, policymakers, and experts across sectors to address democracy’s most pressing global challenges.

On April 18, Director Hahrie Han and fellow Scott Warren led a convening with GMF’s Alliance for Securing Democracy called “AI and Elections: A Transatlantic Take,” where E.U. and U.S. government, civil society, campaign and tech leaders discussed AI’s impact on elections in Europe and the United States. The next day, senior fellow Peter Pomerantsev took to the Brussels Forum main stage to share his insights on rebuilding trust in information in the age of AI (pictured above).

Watch the Q&A with Peter Pomerantsev here.