Emily White

SNF Agora Visiting Fellow, AY 23-24

Emily White is the founder of #iVoted, an organization that produces record-breaking events and activates entertainment venues to admit fans who show a selfie either from outside their polling place or at home with a blank and unmarked ballot.

Per Billboard, “Young people in the U.S. are more likely to attend live music events (53 percent of teens and 63 percent millennials, Nielsen Music 360 report) than vote (35.6 percent for 18-29 and 48.8 percent for 30-44 in 2018, U.S. Census).” #iVoted bridges this gap by meeting potential voters where they are, as a data-driven organization that books the top-trending talent in low-turnout regions whose electoral margins are often decided by the size of a concert venue. With a C-suite that is majority BIPOC and 100 percent women, and an overall team that is 92 percent BIPOC, women, non-binary, or LGBTQ+, #iVoted is revolutionizing voter turnout while mentoring the next generation of leaders.

In 2018 #iVoted activated over 150 concerts in 37 states. In 2020, the group pivoted to launch #iVoted Festival, which was the largest digital concert in history and featured over 400 artists, and followed in January 2021 with the #iVoted Festival Georgia. In 2022, the inaugural #iVoted Early Sweepstakes launched with over 500 partner concerts. All entrants were also RSVP’d to #iVoted Festival 2022’s election night webcast. #iVoted events have featured Billie Eilish, Run the Jewels, Phish, Steph Curry, and more.

White also launched the #iVoted Festival Podcast to take listeners through the election year, from registration to ballot research to turnout, as well as to Georgia’s 2022 run-off and Wisconsin’s 2023 supreme court election. The #iVoted team produced their first two in-person concerts since the pandemic for Wisconsin’s 2023 election, in addition to partnering with over 70 concerts, comedy shows, and festivals for the #iVotedWI Sweepstakes. #iVoted is currently laying plans for the 2024 election.

White is a longtime entrepreneur and executive in the entertainment industry. She’s an Amazon #1 best-selling author of How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams and hosts the #1 music business podcast globally of the same name. White is a founding partner at Collective Entertainment in New York City.