Emily Zackin

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Professor Zackin is a 2010 Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her dissertation won the Edward S. Corwin Award for Best Dissertation Public Law and the Walter Dean Burnham Best Dissertation Award from the Politics and History section of APSA. Dr. Zackin is the author of “Looking for Rights in All the Wrong Places: Why State Constitutions Contain America’s Positive Rights” Princeton University, 2013 which is based on her dissertation. Her book focuses on three political movements to add these kinds of positive rights to state constitutions. In particular, it examines the campaign for education rights, which spanned the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the movement for positive labor rights, which occurred during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and the push to add environmental bills of rights to state constitutions during the 1960s and 1970s.

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