Josiah Jacobs

Predoctoral Fellow

Josiah Jacobs, a predoctoral fellow with the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, hails from San Francisco, California. He recently graduated magna cum laude from Howard University, majoring in political science with a minor in African American studies and strategic communications. His passion for democracy was ignited at Howard, where he immersed himself in a vibrant community of Black intellectuals, fueling his quest for knowledge in equity, power dynamics, and the sharing of authority. 

As a research assistant at the Ronald W. Walters Public Policy and Leadership Center, Josiah deepened his understanding of Black voting behavior and the effectiveness of Black state legislators. This comprehension was essential in further enhancing his experiences at Howard, where he explored the relationship between policy, representation, and societal change. 

Passionate about fostering dialogue and social progress, Josiah co-founded The Black Lotus Podcast, a dynamic platform that sparks thought-provoking discussions on American politics, Black history and culture, finance, self-improvement, and mental health. With its inclusive approach and insightful content, The Black Lotus Podcast has gained significant traction, resonating with listeners from various backgrounds and sparking meaningful conversations on important issues.   

Beyond academics, Josiah actively engaged in extracurricular activities at Howard, cultivating leadership and communication skills. As the director of the Mentorship Committee for the Men of the Mecca Initiative, he integrated this experience with his studies, deepening his understanding of academia, community engagement, and social change. 

As an SNF Agora Predoctoral Fellow, Josiah will bridge academia and real-world experiences to contribute to the mission of the institute. His research interests in Black politics, American political development, and systemic inequality align with the institute’s goal of fostering dialogue and developing solutions for inclusive democracy. Josiah envisions making a significant impact on academia and advancing inclusive democracy through interdisciplinary collaboration, public debates, and innovative research.