Kobi Khong

2022-2023 Student Engagement Board

Kobi Khong is a sophomore studying public health from California. He is interested in the intertwining aspects of public policy and health inequities and how civic engagement can improve the vitality of a community, and he is excited to help accomplish SNF Agora’s goal of strengthening dialogue and democracy. At Johns Hopkins, he serves the Class of 2024 as the class president, promotes student activism as the director of advocacy for the Multicultural Leadership Council, and works to nurture cross-cultural solidarity as the director of campus engagement for Inter-Asian Council. Outside of school, he works as a founding member of the Dear Asian Youth Finance and Data team and of the Inter-Collegiate APIDA Coalition. When he’s not hopping between Zoom meetings and taking every-other-hour power naps, he enjoys reading coming of age rom-coms and writing letters to pen pals.