Kobi Little

SNF Agora Visiting Fellow, AY 21-22

The Reverend Kobi Little is a global citizen, strategic adviser, public policy advocate, and faith leader. He is the dean of Justice Chapel. Little serves as president of the Baltimore NAACP and vice president and political action chairman of the Maryland State Conference of the NAACP. He also serves on the advisory council for Strong Future Maryland.  

Little is currently exploring the theory and praxis of the prophetic ministry tradition and their implications for democracy building, justice advocacy, and equity advancement. 

Little is a leading voice on COVID response and vaccine rollout. His leadership during the pandemic has focused on three thrusts: sharing information, advocating for equity and human rights, and providing resources to address community needs.  

Little’s other recent work includes advocacy on government accountability, consumer protection, elections during the pandemic, police reform and civilian oversight of law enforcement, worker protections and fair wages, health equity, fair election financing, energy and environmental justice, democracy strengthening, and eliminating white supremacy and structural inequity. 

Little spent many years in Selma, Alabama, learning from foot soldiers and giants of the civil rights movement. While there, he served as an organizer, domestic terror researcher, journalist, policy advocate, campaign adviser, and congressional staffer.  

Little left the Deep South for the African continent. There he practiced ministry and devoted energies to development and security issues with an emphasis on initiatives that foster social improvement, economic and political stability, and environmental sustainability.  

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, Little was a student leader and relentlessly confronted the university over its white supremacist practices. Now as an alum, he continues to challenge the university to eliminate systemic racism from the campus and the world. 

Recent work: