Luca Versteegen

Student Fellow

(Peter) Luca Versteegen is a PhD candidate at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds a bachelor’s in psychology (University of Hamburg, Germany) and a research master’s in social and behavioral sciences (Tilburg University, the Netherlands). In his dissertation, he studies radical right support and affective polarization from a political psychology perspective, where he argues that individuals’ social identities and emotions motivate such political behaviors as reactions to subjectively perceived threatening developments. His broader research agenda aims to identify individual-level factors that motivate constructive, goal-oriented individual behavior and well-being. Methodologically, he uses quantitative (cross-sectional, panel, and experimental) and qualitative methods (semi-structured interviews) and promotes open science practices in either approach. Moreover, he seeks to improve the dissemination of scientific work by engaging in public science communication events. Besides his work, he likes running, cycling, and exploring the world. More information can be found on his university and personal websites.