Meron Tamene

Predoctoral Fellow

Meron Tamene is a second-year SNF Agora Academy Predoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University. As the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, advocating for migrants’ rights and amplifying migrants’ experiences has been Meron’s lifelong passion and is at the center of her academic pursuits. Her research interests lie in comparative studies of international labor migration, and she is particularly interested in documenting the experiences of women from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who migrate for labor and in examining the practices of support provided to them by their source and host countries.

Meron received a BA in political science from Purdue University. During her time at Purdue, she conducted research on U.S. immigration policy and global women’s rights movements, presented her research at Pi Sigma Alpha’s National and Regional Research Conferences, and co-published articles featured in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research and in PS: Political Science & Politics. She also co-founded and served as president of the university’s first student-led immigrant rights organization.

Currently, Meron works as a research assistant for Dr. Zophia Edwards and Dr. Lilliana Mason and is preparing to apply to Ph.D. programs in political science and sociology this fall. This past spring, she had the privilege of presenting her research on source countries’ support for migrant domestic workers at the Department of Political Science’s JohnCon Graduate Student Research Conference.