Musa al-Gharbi

SNF Agora Visiting Fellow, AY 21-22

Musa Al-Gharbi headshotMusa al-Gharbi is a Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow in Sociology at Columbia University. His research explores how knowledge is produced, transmitted and put to use (or not), how thought is shaped by people’s commitments and social contexts, and the extent to which narratives about social phenomena seem to correspond with apparent realities “on the ground.” He applies these lenses to a range of topics including race, inequality, social movements, extremism, policing, national security, foreign policy, and U.S. political elections. Al-Gharbi is also a strong proponent of public sociology, with essays and interviews published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Nation, The Guardian, New Republic, CNN, NPR, and beyond. His first book, “We Have Never Been Woke: Social Justice Discourse, Inequality and the Rise of a New Elite” is under contract with Princeton University Press.