Sarah Abdullah

Student Engagement Board Member

Sarah Abdullah was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She moved to Maryland at the age of 15 where she graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase Highschool. She is currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in International Studies and Neuroscience. As a young girl, she was marching down the streets of Alexandria during the Arab spring. During high school, she organized fashion and talent shows, embassy visits and multiple other events as president of International Club, in order to bridge cultural gaps and bring members of her community together. On campus, she is a member of the squash team and the Neuroscience Honors Society. She is also a member of Thread, where she leads her cohort in helping their high school student overcome challenges faced inside and outside the classroom. In addition, she does research at the Johns Hopkins Hospital where she studies the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injury in infants – as well as posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus of prematurity.