Democracy Moves

Building a youth-led, global movement for democracy

Led by by SNF Agora Visiting Fellow Scott Warren, Democracy Moves helps global and regional youth organizations build capacity by connecting young leaders across borders and providing them with valuable tools, resources, trainings, and more. The organization creates the space needed to have difficult conversations, to learn, and to grow together. The network will be incubated by SNF Agora during spring 2020.

Our mission is to develop, connect, and inform youth activists who collectively improve the global state of democracy.

Democracy Moves believes a better world is possible, that more just and participatory democracies are possible, and that young people have the power to create change in their communities and countries.

To achieve these goals, Democracy Moves is building a global movement for democracy, led by young people. Youth organizations can reach across cultural and geographic boundaries, learn from each other, and apply proven methods.

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