Global Network for Youth Action

Connecting youth activists across the globe advocating for more just and participatory democracies.

Directed by SNF Agora Visiting Fellow Scott Warren, Global Network for Youth Action is an environment for youth activists, advocates, and community leaders from around the world to exchange ideas, coordinate movements, and build capacity together. The network will be incubated by SNF Agora during spring 2020.

GNYA’s mission is to develop, connect, and inform youth activists who collectively improve the global state of democracy.

At a moment in time in which democracy itself is at risk, the network will serve as an opportunity for young people to:

  • Connect with each other, forming solidarity and learning best practices;
  • Develop new skills through intentional trainings and workshops;
  • Its global members will have access to the entire network’s web of connections, which spans continents, industries, and backgrounds.

Learn more about the Global Network for Youth Activism.