Panel and Breakout Session: Democracy Beyond Elections

Conference Registration
  • 16:15 Lagos
  • 18:15 Nairobi
  • 12:15 Tokyo
  • 12:15 São Paulo
  • 08:15 San Francisco
  • 15:15 GMT

Elections are incredibly important events in bringing about change, but are also insufficient in renewing democracy. This panel will explore the different ways that young people are and can take action to promote democracy and change beyond elections, including protest, art and activism, social media, and civics education. The panel will specifically focus on the balance between formal and informal forms of activism and political engagement, and how young people can balance working inside versus outside of the system.


  • Krystal Strong

    Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education As a scholar and organizer, Strong’s research, teaching, and political work focus on student and community activism, youth, and the role of schools as sites of political struggle in Africa. Other projects investigate school protest and youth leadership, and community-led organizing work around education and the displacement of Black communities.
  • Anne Rose

    Executive Director of Uzalendo Afrika ​​Rose is a journalist, feminist, and human-rights defender. She works for youth and women inclusion in policy and governance-related issues, including social accountability and gender responsive budgeting. She leads a pan-African organization that molds transformational leaders through constructive engagement on key African values.
  • Gabriel Marmentini

    Executive Director at Politize! Maramentini is a PhD candidate and MSc in administration, and holds a bachelor's degree in public administration. He is affiliated with the Institute of Civic Education, the Facebook Community Leadership Program, Red Bull Amaphiko, Social Good Brasil Lab, Warriors Without Weapons, and Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative.
  • Katya Petrikevich

    Co-founder and International Director of Participation Factory Petrikevich leads international activities on mainstreaming best practices in the field of public participation for international and domestic projects. She brings extensive knowledge of political science and human rights into the field of participation and civic engagement, focusing on issues of gender parity and inclusion of marginalized groups.
  • DJ Quezada

    Johns Hopkins University Student (Moderator) Quezada is a second-year student majoring in international studies with a minor in economics. He focuses on social movements and economic justice, especially in Latin America, and is committed to serving these causes especially through labor activism and organizing on a grassroots level for democracy around the world.