Panel and Breakout Session: State of Youth Activism

Conference Registration
  • 16:30 Lagos
  • 18:30 Nairobi
  • 12:30 São Paulo
  • 08:30 San Francisco
  • 15:30 GMT

This opening panel will explore the  current state of youth activism around the world. Participants will discuss the importance of young people taking action in this moment, different tactics being utilized, common challenges faced, and how this moment is different for young people.


  • Joy Zawadi

    Deputy Executive Director of Akili Dada Joy has a degree in international business administration from the United States International University (USIU)–Africa. Rooted in her values of growth and continuous learning, her long-term goals are to develop competencies in advocacy, knowledge management, and and policy—critical skills for the advancement of women’s rights.
  • Olena Nikolayenko

    Professor at Fordham University Nikolayenko’s research interests include comparative democratization, contentious politics, women’s activism, and youth, with a regional focus on Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. Her recent book, Youth Movements and Elections in Eastern Europe, examines tactical interactions between nonviolent youth movements and incumbent governments.
  • Grace Gondwe

    Programme Manager at the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Office, Zambia Gondwe is the research lead for Academics Stand Against Poverty–ESA chapter and the research and policy analyst for the youth-led leadership development and governance organization BeRelevant. She believes in the power young people have to make meaningful change in society and is committed to creating spaces for them to do this.
  • Haadiya Ahmed

    Research Assistant, SNF Agora Institute (Moderator) Ahmed is a third-year student at Johns Hopkins University majoring in international studies and public health studies. She has interned with organizations across the local and federal levels. She is committed to empowering her communities and actively advances principles of justice and equity through her work.