Yascha Mounk: Making Diverse Democracies Endure

The popular political thinker shares his big-picture vision for how to bridge the bitter divides within diverse democracies
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This event will take place in person at the New York Public Library, or via livestream.

Some democracies are highly homogeneous. Others have long maintained a brutal racial or religious hierarchy, with some groups dominating and exploiting others. Never in history has a democracy succeeded in being both diverse and equal, treating members of many different ethnic or religious groups fairly. Achieving that goal is now central to the democratic project in countries around the world, and it is, Yascha Mounk argues, the greatest experiment of our time. In his new book, Mounk draws on history, social psychology, and comparative politics, to examines how diverse societies have long suffered from the ills of domination, fragmentation, or structured anarchy. And he shows that the past can offer crucial insights for how to do better in the future. And that there is real reason for hope.

Mounk speaks with Jane Coaston, host of the New York Times “The Argument” podcast, to share his profound understanding of an urgent problem, and his genuine hope for our human capacity to solve it.

Presented in partnership with the New York Public Library. For more information, visit the NYPL’s event page, or click here to register to attend in person or online.