SNF Agora Conversations: Protest, Activism, and Organizing

As protesters across the country continue to demand an end to racial injustice and police violence, as the coronavirus pandemic persists, and as the United States heads into one of the most contentious and high-stakes presidential elections in recent history, the SNF Agora Institute and Johns Hopkins SAIS hosted a conversation on how, amid multiple crises, people can come together to navigate this historic moment.

Chenoweth began the discussion by contextualising the cumulative organisational capacity and resources that have been developing over the last decade and have accelerated over the past three and a half years. Furthermore, based on relevant data analysis Chenoweth highlighted the youth dimension of these actions. In particular, she noted that black-led protests have a major impact on issues that are discussed on local and national levels, electoral outcomes and public opinion, arguing that this is a moment that is signaling the start of a new generation of American politics.

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