SNF Agora Announces Seven New Student Engagement Board Members

The new board will join the eight continuing members and will contribute to facilitating student input, planning initiatives, and promoting student engagement.

The SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University announced today that it has selected seven new students (6 undergraduates and 1 graduate student) to join the SNF Agora Student Engagement Board during the 2022-2023 academic year. The new members come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, including international studies, political science, psychology, public health, and chemical and biomolecular biology. They will be joining eight continuing members from the 2021-2022 cohort.

The Student Engagement Board for AY22-23 will play an integral role in developing and supporting SNF Agora’s programs on multiple campuses while furthering the institute’s mission of strengthening global democracy through civic engagement and informed inclusive dialogue. “The AY21-22 Student Engagement board did an outstanding job of representing and promoting our institute. They moderated speaker events, assisted visiting fellows with their research, spearheaded our student grants program, and launched the first-ever SNF Agora Student Essay competition,” said Stephen Ruckman, deputy director of the SNF Agora Institute. “We are delighted to have eight returning members and to welcome seven new students from multiple disciplines on the board for next year.”

The board was founded in fall 2019. Each year, SNF Agora selects a cohort of Johns Hopkins students to serve on the board. Board members are selected in the spring to serve during the following academic year. The Student Engagement Board works with SNF Agora faculty, visiting fellows, and staff to raise awareness about and participate in the development of the institute’s mission and presence on campus and in the broader community. Additionally, in an ongoing capacity, board members serve as SNF Agora Representatives on campus and support efforts to create SNF Agora programming, events, and other activities for the broader community. For more information about the Student Engagement Board, please visit this page.

The new student engagement board members are:

Katherine HoleKamp

Alexis Holewinski

Stella Lee

Jahnavi Pejavar

Elliott Rosen

Nupook Suthisampat

Emma Vengosh Weinthal