Research at the SNF Agora Insitute


Arena is an innovative programme dedicated to overcoming the challenges of disinformation and polarisation. Based at the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) within the London School of Economics and the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University, the Arena programme aims to use high-quality research, analysis and evaluation to create effective best practices that can then be disseminated to journalists, public diplomacy teams and civic groups. Arena seeks creative ways to counter the menace of unreality, stop the spread of hatred and division, and foster a factbased discourse that enhances security, enables democracy and builds trust. Its experimental research projects involve journalists, academics and data scientists who seek to both understand disinformation campaigns and reach audiences impacted by them.

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P3 Lab

At P3, we seek to understand how to make the participation of ordinary people Possible, Probable, and Powerful in a way that helps realize democracy in the United States and around the world, and equips us to create sustainable, just, and equitable futures.

Possible — All people must have the ability to actively participate. This means we work to identify and remove societal barriers that prohibit participation and implementation of policies.

Probable — People must want, and should be encouraged, to take part in the political process.

Powerful — Too often, we hear people say that their participation in the process doesn’t make a difference. To combat this, our research explores how to make participation more impactful — having a tangible effect on policy decisions and improving the lives of their community.

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